asperias (asperias) wrote in change_history,

what if Colonel von Stauffenberg

really had killed Adolf Hitler? 
would it have mattered or would the coup d´etat have been unsuccessful?
and if the Valkyrie had been successful:
I think that if they had negotiated the peace with the Allies they couldń´t have kept f.e. France. But what about other countries they occupied and were still ruling in 1944? What about Czechoslovakia, Austria, Poland? What about the Sowiet Union? Under what conditions would the Sowiet Union have made peace with Germany? 
would the Stauffenberg group have prohibited NSDAP? Would Germany have stayed united ?
Would the German have been more willing to punish war criminals if the "revolution" had been of German origin and not dictated by the Allies?
Would the Stauffenberg group really have closed the concentration camps at once?
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