what if Colonel von Stauffenberg

really had killed Adolf Hitler? 
would it have mattered or would the coup d´etat have been unsuccessful?
and if the Valkyrie had been successful:
I think that if they had negotiated the peace with the Allies they couldń´t have kept f.e. France. But what about other countries they occupied and were still ruling in 1944? What about Czechoslovakia, Austria, Poland? What about the Sowiet Union? Under what conditions would the Sowiet Union have made peace with Germany? 
would the Stauffenberg group have prohibited NSDAP? Would Germany have stayed united ?
Would the German have been more willing to punish war criminals if the "revolution" had been of German origin and not dictated by the Allies?
Would the Stauffenberg group really have closed the concentration camps at once?
miniature Mary Stuart Queen of France

Darnley NOT Murdered?

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As a preliminary to using as a course text Friedrich Schiller’s Maria Stuart as one of my World Literature works in the Language A-1 International Baccalaureate English class I’ll be teaching in my international school next year, I decided to make myself more familiar with the life and career of the unfortunate Queen of Scots, who I already knew was one of the most maligned figures in Anglo-Saxon historiography.
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How would the history of both countries been changed?
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An Unmentionable Aspect of Revolutionary History


This is one of the causes of the American Revolution that is almost never broached in what passes for “American history” classes in high school. Even in this article, the hysterical anti-Catholic prejudices of the “Patriots” of New England are barely touched upon:


However, the violence and emotional intensity of riots in Boston regarding the “Quebec Act of 1774” far surpassed anything over stamps or tea. But, of course, THAT will be told only in Canadian children’s history books.

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And the question is: "Would there be a United States of America if the British had banned the practice of Catholicism in Canada (as it was banned in Great Britain and Ireland) and had deported the entire French Catholic population to Louisiana or to other French possessions?"
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The thirty years' war brewing in the Middle East


Americans, by and large, are unfamiliar with much of history. Their passion is the future, not the past; and their focus is understandably on their own vast and varied continent, not on the minute details of distant foreign lands. The new chairman of the House intelligence committee cannot tell the difference between Sunni and Shi’ite, and his predecessor was not much better. And I’d wager that no one in the US Congress was forced in school, as I sadly was, to study Europe’s thirty years’ war. But they’d better start, because it may be already upon them. Not in Europe this time, but in the Middle East.

Andrew Sullivan’s analogy between what’s transpiring now in the Middle East and the Thirty Years War in 17th century Europe may be brilliant, but he doesn’t go far ENOUGH in his analysis.


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Now, tell me what YOU think of MY analysis of the choices we are shortly to face:
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