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Welcome to Alternate Histories, anonymous

where Herodotus is spinning in his grave

Embrace the Butterfly Effect: Alternate History
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Have you ever lost sleep wondering at night about what would have happened if the Persians won at Salamis? Or what would have happened if the Byzantine Empire had remained at full power? What if the United Sates had actually honored its treaties with the First Nations?

This, my friend, is the the place for you.

Rules: If these are violated, the violator will either recieve a warning, or be banned. The call is up to the moderator who catches it first. It is asked that a moderator states the reason why the violating post was deleted, and the coarse of action that they have taken.
1. Keep your wars safely confined to the theoretical context. No Flaming, or we will ban you.
2. No Racism. If we see it, we will ban you.
3. No Proselytizing. All Religions are Equal in the eyes of God. Or something. Violators will be Smote. Or banned. Whichever.
4. Originality is encouraged, but keep your scenerios realistic. If you post, "how would France look today if it was ruled by dolphins in rocket packs," your post will be deleted, and we might just ban you out of irritation.
If you have been banned, and would like to discuss the reasons why, please contact one of the moderators on their personal journal, or through any other means which you feel comfortable.

If you need image hosting for this site, contact Colin (KungFuEchidna) on his livejournal, IM, or email, ThylacineAvenger@yahoo.com .
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